TriFall: Witch's Brew


TriFall: Witch's Brew

The vial hovering above the cauldron tells you which ingredient is needed next. Fill the vial by tapping on groups of 3 or more matching tiles. Complete the potion before the board fills up or time runs out. Boards may be triangles or hexagons. Rotate the board to keep tiles tumbling and out of the top row. Get rid of wooden walls by exploding slime next to them. Endless levels. Play in timed or untimed mode.

Game Play

Brew the potion by tapping on groups of 3 or more matching tiles. The tiles are removed from the board as new tiles continue to enter the board. The hovering vial shows you which ingredient is required next. If the tile group you tap matches the needed ingredient, the tiles will go into the vial. If they do not match the needed ingredient, they will just be removed from the board.

If tiles reach the top of the board, you will get a warning. Quickly clear some tiles or rotate the board so the top row remains empty.

Special tiles include wildcard tiles which match which ever tile they are next to. (Tap the tile, not the wildcard.) Morphing tiles change into other tiles every few seconds. Earn slime tiles by tapping on a group of 4 tiles in the shape of a pyramid. Tap the slime tile to collect all the surrounding tiles and destroy wooden tiles (stone tiles cannot be destroyed). In later levels, some tiles will display a number that counts down from 10. If the number reaches 0, the tile will turn to wood. It can then be destroyed with slime.

Four zappers are available. Tap the same type of tile 3 times in a row to activate a zappe. It will descend from the ceiling. Click on an active zapper to collect all the tiles of that type on the board.

Earn bonus points for any empty space left on the board when you complete the potion.

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