DynaPlus for iPad


DynaPlus is designed to let you practice the addition of positive and negative numbers while playing a space patrol game. Space aliens from the planet Arithme are attacking. Your job is to patrol your sector, detect approaching enemy craft and shoot them down before they enter the red zone. Your sensors tell you the course of the approaching enemy craft and your own position. You must enter a course correction for your ship so it will match the enemy craft and shoot it with your phasers.

The Game

screenshopA warning sound tells you that an enemy ship is in your sector. Your sensors tell you its course. You must enter a course correction for your ship by tapping the + or - keys followed by tapping the number keys. After you have entered your course correction, tap the green button. Your ship will fly to the new course and automatically shoot a phaser when it gets there. If you entered the correct course, the enemy ship will be destroyed. If you made an error, enter another correction from your new location and take another shot.

If the enemy ship approaches the red zone you will get a warning. Hurry! Once the enemy ship enters the red zone, you will not be able to enter your course correction and you will be shot by the enemy ship.

You start with 3 ships. You can earn extra ships as you play. Bonus powerups will appear from time to time -- shoot the enemy while the powerup is on the screen and you will get double or triple points or even an extra ship.screenshot

DynaPlus has five levels. In Level 1, your sensors can only detect enemy ships that are within +/- 5 units of your ship. As you move on to higher levels, your sensors improve and you can detect enemy ships further away.

Game Center support -- compete with your friends for high scores and achievements.

Support for retina and non-retina iPads. iPhone/iPodTouch version in development.

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