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DynaMult is an engaging iPad/iPhone game which gets students to practice multiplication and to solidfy the concepts behind multiplying signed numbers.

When students ask their math teacher, "Why do we have to learn this stuff?" The simple answer is, "So you can save the solar system, of course!"

Space aliens from the planet Arithme have snuck into our solar system and planted a large bomb attached to an array of cosmic fuses stretching out in space. Your job is to fly your space ship to a burning fuse and put it out before it is too late.

Your ship is equipped with a multiplyer engine. Multiply the fuel pods you choose in order to know the ship's destination.





The Game

Random, numbered fuses are ignited. To get your ship to the fuse, load it with 2 fuel pods then launch it by tapping either the green or blue launch button.

Choose the pods carefully. The product of the 2 pods determines the ship's destination.

Launching with the green button, sends the ship on a mission to extinguish the fuse. Launching with the blue button, sends the ship out to repair a shortened fuse.

The more correct launches in a row, the faster your score goes up. Top scores are saved.

DynaMultFree has one level and is limited to integers in the range -5 to +5. The full version DynaMult has 5 levels, expanding the range from -9 to +9, plus a Bonus level which chooses random integers in the -9 to +9 range. The full version connects to Game Center where you can compete against other players and earn "medals" for reaching achievements in the game. Both apps are available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

DynaMult Full Version + Game Centerdownload on the App Store

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